Pellet Stove BLOWER MOTOR, DRAFT INDUCER 115V A163 (20209)

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Replacement Blower Motor Draft Inducer 20209 

Lennox/LB65734J Blower Motor Draft Inducer

EQUIVALENT TO FASCO A163, FASCO 7021-10302, FASCO 7021-10721, FASCO 7021-9450, EMERSON 3121, LENNOX FB-RFB547, LENNOX LB65734J, LENNOX 7021-9450, LENNOX 48L9601, LENNOX 67K0401, LENNOX 67K0401P, LENNOX 7021-10721, LENNOX 7021-10302, ROTOM FB-RFB547

A blower motor is installed inside the pellet stove to increase the effectiveness of the pellet fuel by distributing warm air around the room. It assists in pushing heated air into your room. It operates by pulling cool air from the home space, forcing it through the pellet stove's heat exchanger, where it is heated, and then blowing it back into the home space.

. This 20209 draft inducer blower motor operates at 120 volts, 60 Hz frequency, 1.93 amps, and 3400 high-speed RPM.


This stove blower is equivalent to the following motor:

  • FASCO/7021-10721

  • Fasco/7021-10302 

  • FASCO/7021-9450

  • Lennox/FB-RFB547

  • Lennox/LB65734J 

  • LENNOX 7021-9450

  • LENNOX 48L9601

  • LENNOX 67K0401

  • LENNOX 67K0401P

  • LENNOX 7021-10721

  • LENNOX 7021-10302