Breckwell, US Stove & Vogelzang Shaker Bar (891341)

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Part for USSC - Connecting Bar 27 Inch (25279) C000047 - 891341

Replacement 27" shaker bar for Breckwell, US Stove and Vogelzang wood and wood/coal furnaces. Sold individually. Fits the following models:

Breckwell Wood/Coal Furnaces:

  • SF747

US Stove Wood/Coal Furnaces:

  • Ashley 1602R
  • Clayton 1600G
  • Clayton 1600M
  • Clayton 1602M
  • Exterior 1600EF
  • Exterior 1660EFE

Vogelzang Wood/Coal Furnaces:

  • VG7100

Breckwell, US Stove and Vogelzang part # 891341
OEM US Stove part

The Breckwell US Stove & Vogelzang Shaker Bar (891341) is a 27-in replacement shaker/connecting bar for Breckwell, Vogelzang, and US Stove furnaces.Β It fits the following stove models: US Stove Furnaces 1600G Clayton, 1600EF Exterior Furnace, 1600M Clayton, 1602M Clayton, and 1602R Ashley, Voglezang Furnaces VG7100 Furnace, and Breckwell Furnaces SF747 Furnace.Β It may also fit other models not listed, and the owner's manual can be checked for part number