Catalytic Combustor Condar CC-253

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Catalytic Combustor Condar CC-253. CUI-32515, ACI-9G, SH-3430

Condar Uncanned Catalytic Combustor - 16 Cell 2.5" x 15.3" x 2" (CC-253)

Replacement uncanned catalytic combustor for wood stoves. 16 Cell 2.5" x 15.3" x 2" without a metal band, comes pre-wrapped with premium CatGard gasketing. Fits the following models:

Earth Stove Wood Stoves:

  • 1002C
  • BV4000C (Pre 1990)

Condar part # CC-253
OEM Condar part

May fit other models, please check your owner's manual for part number compatibility.

*Always measure your unit for compatibility*