Outer Burn-pot Fits Many Models, A-S-OUTER

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Replacement Burnpot This is the same as the A-S-BURNPOT just without the stainless steel insert. Replacement burnpot for Breckwell pellet stoves. This burn-pot fits most of the newer stoves that have an igniter. Breckwell Burn-pot Assembly.

Not sure if this is the correct burn-pot? Take out your old burn-pot and measure the distance between the holes. The A-S-Burn-pot has a 1/2" (roughly) gap between the holes. Only one hole on the back? You need an A-S-Burn-pot-NI (no igniter hole). If you have a 1" gap, then you need the A-S-Burnpot-P2K.

This is the new two-piece style burn-pot. It replaces the old solid one-piece burn-pots. The new style lasts much longer. When the insert burns out, you replace onlyΒ that part.

Fits the following models:

  • P22 - 1994 models and newer
  • P23 - 1994 models and newer
  • P24 - 1994 models and newer
  • P32 - All Models
  • P1000 - All Models
  • P2000F - 2003 models and newer - see notes below
  • P2000I - 2002 models and newer - see notes below
  • P2700 - 2001 models and newer - see notes below
  • P4000 - All Models

  • If you're replacing your cast iron burn pot with the stainless steel (Burn-pot SS) you will need this part.
    Replacement For Part Number:
    • A-S-OUTER