Lynn Manufacturing Replacement Buck Stove Baffle Board and Blanket Kit, Model 81 and 85, PO BPFB81B, PO 81CBLANKET, 2678C

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Product Description 

- Replacement baffle board kit for Buck Stove Model 81 and Model 85

- Baffles in wood stoves and inserts are required to be in good condition to burn efficiently and meet EPA emissions regulations. The baffle, when working correctly, creates a secondary high temperature burn zone to reduce smoke emissions. Over time, it is normal for baffles to deteriorate and they can be easily broken during routine maintenance. Stoves with broken or missing baffles will burn less efficiently, smoke more, and not comply with emissions regulations. To ensure your stove is working efficiently and safely, inspect your baffles yearly and replace them when they have visible damage such as cracking or missing material.

- Lynn Manufacturing’s replacement baffles are designed from a special high temperature Superwool insulation that both insulates and can withstand high temperatures and chemical attack. This is an improved design which does not carry a respiratory health and safety warning, unlike ceramic fiber. Superwool is a replacement for vermiculite, ceramic fiber, and C-Cast.

  • 2678C REPLACES: Buck Stove PO-BPFB81B baffle boards (set of 2) and PO-81CBLANKET, PO-BPFB81B replaces PO-810116 for Model 85
  • FITS: New Buck stove and insert Model 81, Model 85
  • SIZE: Two 16-1/2" x 8-1/4" x 1/2" boards, 22" x 16" x 1/2" blanket
  • MATERIAL: Superwool Plus board, which is hard, strong, & withstands 2100F. Rigidized grey for added durability. Superwool is an alternative to ceramic fiber. Superwool products do NOT carry a GHS health hazard warning label.
  • Made in the USA by Lynn Manufacturing, Inc.

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