Round 3 Speed Switch (4S3SPR)

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Round 3 speed switch

Replacement 3-Speed, Round Switch for multiple brands of wood stoves. Fits the following woodstoves.

Blue Ridge


  • Challenge I, II, and III
  • Carolina I, and II
  • Carolina Spirit
  • LE41
  • LE50

Country Flame


Treemont part # 4S3SPR
Aftermarket Treemont part

Product Details:

3 Speed Switch (Round) has 4 prongs, 4 positions (off, low, med, high) for use with 3 speed wood stove blower motors.

Used on Many Brands of Wood Stoves, Blue Ridge Stoves, Buck Stoves, Carolina Stoves, Country Flame, Treemont Stoves and many more.

Stove Electrical Switches

3 Speed Switch, Round

Measurements: 1 1/8"