Shaker Grate Section (40314)

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US Stove Cast Iron Shaker Grate 1/4" Hole (23852), 40314

  • Dimensions 8 1/4" x 4 1/4" x 3"

Replacement shaker grate section for Breckwell, US Stove and Vogelzang wood furnaces.  This grate goes in the bottom of your unit. It allows air to flow into the fire and ashes to pass down to the lower ash pan.  It is important to periodically inspect the grates.  If you notice warped, cracked or broken grates they should be replaced.

 Sold individually. Fits the following models:

US Stove Wood Furnaces:

  • Ashley 1602R
  • Clayton 1600G
  • Clayton 1600M
  • Clayton 1602M
  • Exterior 1600EF
  • Clayton 7.1
  • Clayton 14.2
  • HotBlast 1600
  • HotBlast 1602
  • HotBlast 1800G
  • HotBlast 1802

Vogelzang Wood Furnaces:

  • VG7100

Breckwell Wood Furnaces:

  • SF747

US Stove, Vogelzang and Breckwell part # 40314
Replaces old part number 23852
OEM US Stove part

May fit other models, please check your owner's manual for part number compatibility. 


Replacement Shaker Grate With A 1/4" Diameter Hole

For: Many Models (See Compatible Stoves).

Genuine USSC Parts

Replacement For Part Numbers:
  • 40314
  • 23852

More about this item:

  • US Stove Company has been keeping America warm since 1869
  • Made from heavy cast iron
  • Genuine USSC parts
  • Easy Do-it-yourself Repair
  • Shaker grate for models: 1600G, 1600M, 1800G, 1802, CLAYTONS 7.1, 14.2