Stack T-Bolts (MA-300170) (9STB) one Pc of Iron and One Bolt

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Replacement stack T-Bolts for Buck stoves. Please check your owner’s manual for compatibility.

Buck part # MA-300170
Replaces part number 9STB
OEM Buck part

Product Details:

These T-Bolts are used to attach the Transition Stack (rectangular opening to round stove pipe) to the stove. They are approximate 4 inches long and is threaded for the bolt provided. The T-Bolts do require a brace inside the rectangular opening to install properly. If you do not have a brace, you will need to use the Tie Downs to attach your Stack on each end.

These are sold Each. (2 Required)

Measurements: 3 7/8" x 1"
The flue collar stack bolts are used to hold Part # 9S31214 Stack on the Silent Flame Stove.

Part # 9STB