Temperature Limit Controller: Open on Rise, SPST, 210°F_250°F Closing, 250°F_290°F Opening, 40°F (6UDY7)

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Adjustable Limit Control - Thermo-Disc.

  • Open on Rise
  • Automatic Reset
  • Switch Opening Temperature 250 °F; 290 °F
  • Switch Closing Temperature210 °F; 250 °F
  • Temperature Differential40°F
  • Surface Mount
  • Adjustable Temperature range

Product Description:

Surface mount limit controls provide fail-safe controls for temperatures above the safety limit. They operate using temperature-sensitive metals that change shape and disconnect the connected circuit when the trigger temperature is reached. They are installed on flat surfaces using two mounting holes and fasteners to hold them in place. Commonly used as protection devices to turn systems on or off when temperatures exceed or drop below their setpoint.