Transition - Stack Tie Down (9STD)

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Replacement transition stack tiedown for Appalachian and Lilly wood stoves. Please check your owner's manual for compatibility.

Most stoves require two of these items - please check your owners manual to see if your transition needs these items and how many it may need before ordering.  

Product Details:

These Tie Downs are used to attach the Transition Stack to the stove, when there is not a brace present for the T- Bolt. These are attached to the ends of the stack and work like a clamp to Tie Down the Stack to the stove with the tap provided. One Tie Down includes 2- 4 inch plates with unthreaded hole, bolt and tap.

These Tie Downs are sold separately (2 Required) Price is each.

Appalachian part # 9STD
Aftermarket Appalachian part

Stove stack tie down

Measurements: 4" x 1"


Stack Tie-Down (each) for multiple brands including:

- Appalachian

- Lilly