Wall Mounted Rheostat for Various Wood Stoves (4RWM)

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Replacement wall mounted rheostat for various makes of wood stoves.

Fits the following wood stove brands:

Wood Stoves:

  • Blue Ridge
  • Buck
  • Country Flame
  • Earth Stove
  • Gibraltar
  • Lilly
  • Nashua

Part #ย 4RWM
Aftermarket part

Product Details:

4RWM is a wall mounted rheostat with off position. You plug your power cord from your wood stove motor into it and you can control the speed of the motor. This rheostat plugs into the wall. It works like a dimmer for a light switch.

Plug-In Speed control may be used with wood/coal stoves requiring blowers. It reduced blower noise, controls blower speed, improves control of heat distribution and helps save energy. Theย Dial-a-Temp may be used with any household appliance or work shop/hobby equipment requiring speed adjustment. It may be used as a portable light dimmer for incandescent lighting.ย  100% solid state, 300 watts for split capacitor universal and shaded pole motors only. Rated 3 amps and 120 VAC.