Wood Furnace Grate (40263)

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Replacement cast iron wood grate for Johnson and US Stove wood furnaces. Measures 10-1/2" x 9-3/4". Sold individually. Fits the following models:

Johnson Wood Furnaces:

  • J9000 - Quantity of 3 is required

US Stove Wood Furnaces:

  • Hotblast 1400 - Quantity of 3 is required
  • Hotblast 1421

Johnson and US Stove part # 40263
OEM US Stove part

May fit other models, please check your owner's manual for part number compatibility. 


Replacement US Stove Company stationary grate for wood and coal furnaces

  • Cast iron
Replacement For Part Number:
  • 40263

This is a replacement cast iron square grate that will fit many of the wood stoves models but may also fit other models and manufacturers based on size and shape

Product Details:

Black Cast Iron Stove Grate. Measures 10" wide x 10 1/2" long Fits many Manufacturers and Models such as Hot Blast, Johnson, and more! Some furnaces may require 3 of these. Sold Separately.

Measurements: 10 3/8" x 9 3/4"

Replacement US Stove Company stationary grate for select wood furnaces. The grate keeps the wood elevated from the base of the furnace and allows air to flow around the fuel properly. This helps to increase the efficiency of the burn.
You should periodically inspect the grate in your furnace. If you notice holes formingcracks starting or any warping the grate should be replaced.

Replacement For Part Number:

  • 40263

Technical Specifications:

  • Length- 10 1/2"
  • Width- 10"


1.) Open the main load door.

2.) Remove the liner (If you are replacing both grates the front and rear liner will need to be removed).

3.) Remove the necessary firebricks to free the grate for removal ( Pay attention to the position/placement of the firebrick).

4.) Lift the grate up and out of the furnace.

5.) Carefully sit your new grate in place.

6.) Reposition any brick you previously removed

7.) Reinstall any liners that were removed.

US Stove Company:

  • Hot Blast 1400
  • Hot Blast 1537G