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I need help installing my wood stove ceramic glass?

use the factory-recommended gasket and fasteners to secure the glass in your stove. Some glass originally had a gasket and others do not.  We recommend using the gasket material.  

Every stove is a little different, but the glass replacement concept is similar.  When removing your old glass, pay attention to how the glass is secured into the stove. Taking pictures of your old glass in stages as you remove it helps with re-installation.

Be careful when tightening down the bolts or screws when re-installing. Fasteners should just hold the glass in place. We call this "Finger Tight" = Just enough to hold the glass in place.  “snug” but not “tight”. You must allow for expansion as the glass is heated. Do not over-tighten the fasteners.  You want to allow the glass to “float” or move around. Try not to allow any metal on the door system to touch the glass, it will almost always result in the glass breaking when the stove is heated.

A basic rule with stove glass:

#1 - The Frame the glass is mounted in should be clean, flat, and free of debris.

#2 - Gasket material provides an airtight seal where the glass and stove meet, this prevents the glass from making direct contact with any metal on the stove.

#3 -Some stoves are equipped with an “air wash System” to help keep the glass clean. Sometimes a section of the glass gasket at the top or the bottom of the glass will be removed to accomplish this.  If you see a section of gasket “missing” this is most likely why.

#4 - When you think you have the glass installed correctly, back each screw/bolt off about a 1/4 of a turn, just to be sure.


     Most fireplaces have bi-folding doors or pairs of doors. They typically lift up and out of the support holes that hold them in place. Then for the most part they have screws that are holding the frame together. Just take the frame apart. Make sure the frame is completely clear of the old broken glass that you are replacing and install the new glass (usually tempered glass) Learn more about tempered glass! Some fireplaces have rivets holding the frame together. It's a similar process but you have to drill out the rivets and install new ones in place of them.


     Most woodstoves have some sort of clip system holding the glass in place. Bolts or screws made of steel or cast iron hold a bracket in place. The glass (Pyroceram) should have a gasket around it. This gasket fills a gap between the glass and the stove itself.

To learn more about Pyroceram Ceramic glass, click here!

      The glass is a special type called a glass-ceramic. It can withstand the high temperatures that a woodstove demands because it does not expand or contract like regular glass. This is why the gasket is needed. Because the glass does not expand but the woodstove will. If the glass is installed too tightly it will crack the glass.

      The gasket provides room for this expansion. So after you remove the broken glass, make sure you wrap the edge of the glass with this stove gasket. It is usually about a 1/2" to 5/8 wide and flat like tape. It looks kind of like a flat piece of rope. Some of it comes with a sticky side that helps hold it on the glass during installation.  

Quick Notes:

All glass will expand when heated... Please order your glass at least 3/16" shy of the edge of the door to accommodate for this expansion. We are not responsible for the glass breaking after installation.


  • Metal screws and mounting brackets will also expand when heated... Please do not over-tighten hardware as this may break your glass when the appliance is in use. We recommend the screw or bolts are installed slightly more than "finger Tight" We are not responsible for breaks due to the glass being installed too tightly.


To see some examples - go to our video page

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