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What Type of Glass Should I Use in My Fireplace Or Wood Stove?

Throughout the year we receive a lot of questions on our Q&A form and to our blog. And "What Type of Glass Should I Use in My Fireplace Or Wood Stove?" is the most popular one that we see.
Pyroceram, Neoceram, Robax, Mica or Tempered glass? The answer will very depending on the of Fireplace or Woodstove style you have . There are many different types of fireplaces and wood stoves that use a wide variety of different glass. This article will help you to decide which type you have and how to order it in Woodstove Fireplace-Glass.com. There are just a few simple questions you need to answer in order to do so.
– 1st – Do you have a fireplace or a wood stove? or which is better fireplace insert or wood stove? Questions that you need If you know the answer to that question then move on down. If you are not sure then lets take a look at each one. Most fireplaces have 2 or more doors on the front. Where as for wood stoves they typically have just one door. Most wood stoves seal at the door with a fire-gasket. A fiberglass material that makes a air tight seal when the door is closed. There are also fireplace inserts, which are pretty much wood stoves slid into a masonry fireplace. The idea is to make your fireplace, wood stove or insert as efficient as possible while still providing a beautiful view of the fire.
If you want to maximize the heating efficiency of an existing fireplace, then an insert is the best option. But if you want to heat a home or room that doesn't have a fireplace, then a free-standing wood stove is an excellent choice.
– 2nd – Now that you know what type of gas/wood burner you have. What kind of glass is currently in it? We are going to assume that the original manufacturer glass is in the unit. When the original glass broke, did it break in a million little pieces or did it break in larger “chunks” of glass. If the glass broke in a million pieces then is a tempered glass
If the glass just cracked, or broke out if bigger chunks then it is know as a ceramic glass. Commonly know as PyroCeram, Robax , Mica or Neoceram. Just different brand names for the same type of product.  The word "Pyroceram" is a generalized brand name that Corning used with respect to its glass-ceramic products. There is a belief that it specifically refers only to the Corning Ware formula, but this is incorrect. In company literature Centura is stated to be "Fashioned from remarkable Pyroceram brand glass ceramic ..." and there is no doubt that Centura has a different composition than Corning Ware.
– 3rd – What kind of heat does your unit release? Is it a gas unit, using natural gas or propane? A wood burner that just for look or an Air tight wood burner that produces over 600 degrees?
If it is a gas unit, then it typically uses tempered glass. All though gas units release heat, the top end of the heat against the glass is less then 400 degrees. The tempered glass in these units is usually of a clear tint. If you have a stonework fireplace. A fireplace built in the home with brick and mortar. They can have a set of fireplace doors applied to the opening. These type of fireplaces are not very efficient and do not produce heat much higher than 400 degrees. At least not for any extended period of time. The glass in these types of door systems are typically tempered.
If you have an air tight wood stove or insert. These units can generate up to 1200 degrees and are very efficient. The glass in these units must be Pyroceram. It is a transparent ceramic that is suitable for use in wood, pellet, and coal burning applications. Using any other type of glass will cause the glass to fail and could cause a home fire. Pyroceram glass has an amber tint in color. If you have a high efficiency fireplace. This is a fire place that is not air tight, but has a adjustable damper that allows you to control and slow down the fire to burn more efficiently and generate more heat. These units generally supply heat in the 600-1000 degree temperature range and need to use Pyroceram glass.
– Lastly – If your not sure about any of the above, there are still a couple of ways to find out. Look in your owners manual. It should tell your what type of glass was supplied. Contact the company you got it from. They should be aware of the different types and can advise you. Or you can visit our Help Center to find out some answers. You can also send us an email and give us as much info as you can. Brand name, size, wood or gas, and take a picture and attach it. We have seen most of the types out there and should be able to tell you what you need.
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