Bat Cave Stove Glass

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In the Appalachian Mountains near Asheville, NC in 1976, a small fabricating business was incorporated as Buchanan Welding & Fabrication. Several years later, Buchanan took on a contract to fabricate the body of a wood-burning stove for the Bat Cave Stove Company. During the early 1980’s, Bat Cave Stoves were renamed to Carolina Wood Stoves. Unfortunately, in 1987, Bat Cave Stoves went out of business and Buchanan was left with no stove building contract. Using their experience building stoves for Bat Cave, Buchanan introduced their own line of wood stoves named XTEC. Also during this time, Buchanan bought High Valley Construction and Maintenance Company and changed their name to the same. High Valley Stoves were introduced shortly thereafter, backed by the multi-facited fabrication technologies and procedures of High Valley Construction.