EasyFire Pellet Stove Glass

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Pellet Heaters Made by Sierra

We work very hard to make sure that out EasyFire Glass sizes are correct.  But Please double check your Glass Measurements.  Some of the stoves have been know to have different model numbers than the actual glass doors that are installed. 

Our Glass is made of Pyro-ceramic glass.  Good up to 1388 degrees.  This is the same glass that would have been installed originally in the stove.   Our EasyFire stove glass in ceramic all the way through, not just coated.  This way you can install the glass with either side facing the fire.   If you have EasyFire glass parts that are not listed, please call us.  If we do not have it, we can make it for you.  There is not extra charge for pattern cuts.   Our EasyFire glass is guaranteed to fit your stove - if it does not we will make it right!

We make EasyFire Stove glass replacements for most all makes or models.  Look at our list below... and if you do not see your Earth Stove Wood Stove Glass listed, please contact us.   We try our best to keep up on all of the brands and models of stoves and their glass sizes.