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Hearthstone Replacement glass

We carry the Hearthstone wood stove glass for most all makes or models.  Look at our list below... and if you do not see your Hearthstone wood stove glass listed, please contact us. We try our best to keep up on all of the brands and models of stoves and their glass sizes.

Wood stove replacement glass proudly made in Quincy IL. U.S.A.

Hearthstone stove company has dealers all over the world. Their stoves are a testament to their willingness to make great products at a great price.

Hearthstone Stoves began manufacturing over 35 years ago. They produced, wood, pellet, and gas stoves.   Using quality materials,these units are all handcrafted . American employees produce these stoves and take great pride in their work. Hearthstone Stoves represent efficiency, aesthetics, and integrity for a long lasting heat source using soap stone technology. 

Even the most dependable appliances, like Hearthstone Wood Stoves, need to be fixed up from time to time. Accidents happen. Wear and tear happens. Where there’s damage you’ll need Hearthstone Wood Stoves parts to make replacements. If you want to keep your stove safe and efficient then find our replacement parts here.

All About Our Hearthstone Wood Stoves Parts

Our range of replacement parts covers a number of Hearthstone wood stove models, including the popular Hearthstone soapstone wood stoves. We offer a replacement catalytic combustor, a variety of door rope gasket kits, and replacement ceramic glass.

This ceramic glass is a step up from regular glass. The types we use at Woodstove Fireplace Glass include Neo-ceramic, Pyro-ceramic, and Robax glasses. It’s transparent and robust, designed to withstand extreme temperatures. 

Our Hearthstone door rope gasket kits come in different measurements. Use the fiberglass rope to replace worn-out gaskets. The kit helps you create a tight seal around the wood stove door, drastically increasing efficiency. The replacement catalytic combustor is a perfect fit for a number of wood stove brands and models, including the Hearthstone NHC - I, and NHC - II. 

Why Replace Hearthstone Wood Stoves Glass

When heat and pressure build up inside your wood stove it can shatter glass that has been damaged, cracked, or weakened in any other way. So this glass needs to be replaced for the safety of you and your loved ones.

Plus, any damage such as cracks will allow air into your wood stove causing your wood or fuel to burn faster. This isn’t cost-effective nor efficient, as you’ll produce less heat in your home while using up more fuel.

Your Hearthstone Wood Stoves Shopping Guide

Finding the right glass for your Hearthstone Wood Stove is simple. Note the brand, model, shape, and size. If you have your owner’s manual, use it to find the part number for the glass that needs replacing. Then use this information to match the product on our site to the piece you need.

We can also customize wood stove glass, cutting it to any shape, size, or thickness. Call our friendly support staff or drop us an email with your requirements. We manufacture and ship all of our glass from our Quincy, Illinois factory, keeping costs low.

When you purchase from us at Woodstove Fireplace Glass, you have the opportunity to upgrade to our specialized Pyro+ glass, a top-quality, seamed ceramic glass. This comes with a three-year warranty covering accidental breakage, wear and tear, as well as incorrect installation.  

Hearthstone Wood Stoves FAQs

We imagine you have some burning questions about this top brand’s wood stoves and their use. Here are our expert answers:

Are Hearthstone Wood Stoves Good?

These stoves have a ton of positive reviews. The company is well-known for creating aesthetically-pleasing, well-crafted, top-quality stoves. The fact that many of their stoves are made using soapstone is a huge plus as this material is conducive to producing heat over long periods. Naturally, this makes the stove both effective and efficient. Not only that, soapstone has a unique look, elevating any home.

How Long Do Hearthstone Wood Stoves Last?

According to anecdotal evidence, Hearthstone Wood Stoves last for approximately 20-30 years. That makes stoves from the brand a good long-term investment. 

Of course, materials wear down over time, especially when they’re constantly exposed to heat. Remember you don’t need to get a brand new stove when this happens. It’s much more cost-effective to replace the relevant parts making your stove appear new. This will also make your stove last even longer.

Where Are Hearthstone Wood Stoves Made?

The Hearthstone company originated in Vermont and has been making wood, gas, and pellet stoves for over 35 years. You may appreciate the fact that these stoves are made in America by expert craftspeople.

Similarly, we make our replacement glass in Quincy, Illinois and ship all over the country. What’s more, we offer free ground shipping for orders above $50. Because your items are crafted and shipped locally, you’ll receive them quickly.

How Do You Clean a Hearthstone Wood Stove?

In time you may see a build-up of soot and other forms of dirt on your stove. The best way to clean off the grime is to use white vinegar. Apply the vinegar using a spray bottle and let it sit for five minutes before you wipe the surface clean. 

When it comes to a point that your fireplace is too difficult to clean, you may want to replace the glass or any interior parts that have warped or corroded. Browse our catalog to find the replacement parts you need.