Ceramic Glass

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Enter in your dimensions and we'll custom cut a piece of ceramic glass for you. If you have a pattern or have specific requirements, upload/enter that information above.

All of our ceramic glass is made of Pyroceram and can resist higher temperatures than tempered glass. If you have questions give us a call at 217-223-0999.


In a controlled combustion firebox, temperatures are not always high enough to keep the glass clean. A good hot
fire once a day usually cleans off most of the deposits that have accumulated. Remember: the drier the wood and
the hotter the fire, the cleaner the glass. A word of caution: although heat will not break the glass, impact can. Be
careful not to hit the glass. The glass is made from 5mm thick ceramic (3/16").


  1. Warranty Woodstove-fireplaceglass.com guarantees your glass to arrive unbroken and to the precise specifications of your order. Because each piece of glass from Woodstove-fireplaceglass.com is uniquely made to order, we only accept returns if it falls within our returns policy (see below). Once the customer receives the order it is that customers sole responsibility to care for the glass. If your glass is not made to your specifications you must notify Woodstove-fireplaceglass.com within 30 days of order date. After 30 days Woodstove-fireplaceglass.com will not be held responsible for any errors made.
  2. Returns Items can be returned within 30 days of orginal order date by using our Online Returns Center. Returns submitted for approval will be reviewed and approved based on meeting our return requirements.

    Requests will not be approved if...

    -the glass cracked during installation (glass installation instructions)

    -the glass cracked after installation

    -the return date is later than 30 days of the original order

    -the glass was custom sized

    If you have questions about your order or you feel we have made an error, please contact us at 217-223-0999 or email us at support@woodstove-fireplaceglass.com.