Empire Archway 2300 Woodstove insert glass (SE65170)

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This Glass is the Empire 2.3 Glass.  Part Number #12 in the manual. 

Pyro-Glass, Ceramic glass is good for temperatures over 1200 Degrees F.   Glass measures 17 5/8"inches wide and 11 1/2"inches high.  Ceramic glass standard 3/16" thickness.


Measurements: 17 5/8"" x 11 1/2""
Glass Type: Ceramic 3/16 (5mm) Thickness (Pyroceram/Robax)
Operating temperature: Up to 760° C / 1,400° F
Color: Clear (ceramic glass has a transparent amber tint)
Part #: se65170

Our PYRO+ Glass is guaranteed to ship out the same business day (orders placed before 2 pm CST) and is a high-quality, cut and seamed ceramic glass. PYRO+ Glass includes a 3-year warranty. This warranty covers a one-time replacement for any breakage that may happen to your glass including:

-Incorrect installation

-Accidental breakage

-General wear and tear on the glass

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